I can never have too much black in my wardrobe, ever. It’s my go to colour, whether I am in dire need of an outfit or just because it’s Tuesday. This outfit is pretty much something I would wear to work, it’s comfortable and easily put together. Then again, I wear sneakers to the office as well, so it just depends on my mood.

I have a serious love affair with heels, they instantly elevate any look and give you that, ‘I have arrived’ type story, if you know what I mean. Over the past two years I have started getting into pencil skirts, I never wore them when I was younger but I have warmed up to them considerably. I have come to realize that pencil skirts are a must for any woman, they cinch the waist and hug the thighs, which leaves a winning combination. I bought this Zara jersey while I was in New York last year with my sister (suffering from major nostalgia right now because I was there over July), I loved the monochrome finish and leatherette elbow panels. I wear a lot of knits in winter, because really, what is winter without knits… Like I have said before, adding a chunky necklace is a must this season, and I love this blue number from Mr Price. I have a bit of an obsession with stacking right now. I found these stack rings at Lovisa, they are delicate and feminine, which I love.

Jersey – Zara; Skirt – Woolworths; Tights – Woolworths; Ankle Boots – Zoom; Necklace – Mr Price; Rings – Lovisa; Lipstick – MAC Something Special Cremeblend Blush

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